Entering as a Guest

If you have previously registered on NetRoadshow, please enter your email address on the log in screen and select Continue. The next screen will give you the option to either Create a MyNetRoadshow Account or Continue as a Guest. If you would like to bypass the account creation step, please select Continue as a Guest.


If you entered NetRoadshow through a Secure Link provided by an investment bank, you may select Continue and the presentation will automatically begin.

If you did not come to NetRoadshow through a Secure Link, you will be prompted to enter the deal-specific Entry Code prior to being able to access the presentation.


NOTE: If you create an account on NetRoadshow, your account will be populated with all active roadshows you have previously viewed as well as all offering documentation. If you select to Continue as a Guest and later create an account, any presentation you viewed as a Guest will automatically populate in your account as well.



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